Line for Android

"Line for Android free download for your computer and Smartphone. Send text messages free with Line for Android."


Line for Android the instant messaging application.

Line for Android is an instant messaging application that allows us chat and keep in touch instantly with our friends, colleagues or family. Download Line for Android now and enjoy with this app. This app is designed for we cannot send text messages free of charge through our Smartphone. With Line for Android we can also send free photos, images or videos, in addition to being able to add comments in the form of instant messages from text to not to lose contact with our friends.

Line for Android can be downloaded and installed on our computer as there is a version of line for your PC. In this same page so we have two possible ways to download Line for Android in our computer, or install the version of Line for PC on a computer with Windows or Mac operating system.

Line is one of the major rivals of the instant messaging application more known throughout the world, which is not another that WhatsApp. Line for Android is born as a result of the communication difficulties that arose because of the disaster caused by the tsunami in Japan, a country where reside the developers of Line app.

In order to enjoy Line for Android in our Smartphone only we have to go to the web of their creators and downloading.

Download Line for Android Free

Download Line for Android

Download Line for Android free is very simple, once we are on the website of Line Naver, from the main page we will click on the 'download' button, will open another page where allows us to choose the version of Line that we want to download.

Line for Android is very easy to configure, and in the case of using the version in our single Smartphone we have of the number of phone for use. This chat app also has some applications additional line, to make it more fun and useful. Some of these applications that make more great line for Android are:

  • Camera Line

  • Line Card

  • Or Line Brush

In other sections of this page web we'll tell you more about the applications that the developers of Line have been created so that users can enjoy them, capture images, apply filters, create cards or congratulations, and much more.

Download Line for PC free in our computer.

Many users of Line Android have opted for the use of the application on your computer. Dispose of Line for Android in our computer allows us to maintain contact with our friends or relatives to the time we have had other tasks on your computer, with the advantage of having a larger screen in order to enjoy the chat app and use the computer keyboard much more comfortable than the keys that we have on a Smartphone.

Line Android available as we have already commented on a PC version which can be downloaded from the web page of their creators. But there is another way to enjoy Line for PC in our computer with the same version that we have on our Smartphone.

Gallery complementary apps

line naver for android image line camera app for line for computer line card app for PC line brush app

Line for PC

In order to enjoy Line for Android in our PC we'll use a emulator of Android, which can be downloaded for free from the web of their creators. It is the Bluestacks Android emulator that we have chosen for its simplicity and popularity. Download the Bluestacks for PC is available in which is the official website of this emulator.

Since our internet browser we can go to the Bluestacks page, and from the main page click on the download button. The download process is very simple and requires few steps. Only we will have to be attentive if Windows or asks us our antivirus accordance for download.

The installation is automatic and is done in a few seconds. Once we have the Android emulator in our PC we can download Line as if it were a Smartphone with this operating system. The magnifying glass icon will allow us to search for the online app for Android and download quickly. Now you can configure the app to chat with the mobile number that we want to use to chat and in a few minutes already enjoy free Line in our computer.

Line Features

Between the popular features of the messaging application Line, we can find

  • Sending text messages

  • Send images, videos, emoticons and stickers

  • Free Calls between users of Line

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles around the world at the best price with Line Out

  • Share privately images and experiences with the selected users, such as a social network thanks to Timeline

  • The best collections of stickers available

  • Creating short videos with Snap Movie

Your calls to landlines and mobile phones at the best price. Join the users of Line Out and enjoy the best rates on international calls. No upfront costs or subscriptions ,or connection fees. And remember that the calls between users of Line remain free.

With Line Out you can enjoy flat rates no matter where you call from. Take advantage of Line Out to communicate with friends and family around the world.Calls to landlines and mobile phones around the world at the best price.

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